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Blood Money

"Blood Money" aired on The Shadow radio on October 20, 1946.  It was the 6th episode of the 10th season and starred Bret Morrison as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow and Grace Matthews as the lovely Margo Lane.  Here's a brief synopsis and notes on this episode.

In "Blood Money", The Shadow must put an end to a murderous counterfeiting gang.  The gang is lead by Bones and his two henchmen Rego and Buster.  Buster is also the gang's hitman who uses a sawed off shotgun as his weapon of choice.  Buster calls his shotgun by the name Baby throughout the episode, and I found this a little weird and creepy.

Lamont and Margo begin investigating the counterfeit gang when one of Lamont's friends, an engraver named D'Arcy goes missing.  Putting together the fact that Commissioner Weston is pursuing a counterfeit gang, Lamont deduces D'Arcy has been kidnapped by the gang and forced to work for them.  Cranston's deduction proves true when D'Arcy's body is found in the river after Buster killed him.

Lamont discovers the counterfeit money is being passed at a local gambling joint, that's where he encounters Rego and Buster.  The gang members don't like Lamont and Margo asking questions, so they set a trap for them at Margo's apartment.  One of Buster's shotguns is set up so when they walk in the door it will blast them, thus ending their curiosity!  Fortunately, the wiring slips and the shotgun blasts the wall next to Lamont!

As The Shadow, Lamont makes a visit to Rego who reluctantly spills the beans on the counterfeiting ring.  Bones learns about this and he and Buster pick up Rego pretending to take him to a safe house where he can lay low until the heat is off.  But this is a trap and Buster uses Baby to end Rego's life.

The Shadow then confronts Bones in his secret office in the casino as Buster has just left to make sure a gambling wheel they used isn't left behind.  When Buster comes back in the office, Bones thinks it's The Shadow trying to leave and cuts loose with a shotgun, killing Buster.  The Shadow knocks it out of his hand and let's him know the police are already on their way - and that Commissioner Weston will be glad to meet him!

While this episode was entertaining, it was not as good as other Shadow episodes.  I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.  For me, Bret Morrison seems to be a bit off as The Shadow and doesn't come across as authoritative and strong as in other episodes. 

This episode was sponsored by Carey's Salt.  It was interesting to hear some listener's ideas for unique ways to use Carey's Salt.  One listener said they use Carey's Salt and kerosene to clean galvanized utensils!  Listeners that had their ideas selected as unique and interesting were given the prize of a $100 wrist watch.

Lamont Cranston/The Shadow:  Bret Morrison
Margo Lane:  Grace Matthews
Announcer:  Don Hancock

Rating (out of 5 stars): ⭐⭐⭐

Sponsor:  Carey's Salt

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